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Grand Large 460

Grand Large 460
Small Sailing Yacht € 180.00

A combination of a sailing boat and a yacht. A great choice for those whose taste is closer to the design of a sailing boat but also prefer a boat with more cabins and capacity. This sailing boat combines exceptional performance and comfort. Easy to handle, specially designed for comfortable travel. In addition, is a totally modern sailing boat equipped with the latest navigation technology.

Its deck surprises with its comfort and extra spaces, which will address you unique moments of relaxation and tranquility. One of the best choices for those who want to combine relaxation, swimming and sunbathing. Its construction is ideal in order to accommodate travelers who seek comfort and tranquility on their journey. It’s elegant and stylish rooms are going to offer you exceptional quality accommodation, anywhere in Greece, wherever you are.

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A combination of sailing boat and yacht, the Grand Large 460 is a choice for those who want both edgy design and capacity.

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