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Frequently Ask Questions

General questions before and during the sailing trip. offers high-quality sailing trips, in collaboration with selected partners and by using modern sailing boats, assist you to organize sailing trips all over the coast of Greece.

Choosing the right boat is a very important but also exciting process. Our team has tried to facilitate the selection process, as we offer you information and detailed material in order to find exactly what suits you the best.

If you do not have experience and want to rent a boat for the first time, start from basic parameters. Have in mind the space you will need, e.g. the number of cabins and sleeping places available, so your journey to be comfortable and enjoyable.

Another important aspect to focus on is the choice of the right crew. If you are inexperienced, pay special attention to the safe conduct of your trip!

A Vessel Chart is a fantastic experience, as long as you are well prepared before and during your trip. Follow some basic steps and sail away!

Appropriate pack preparation should be based on what you really going to need during your trip. The storage places are limited in a vessel, so you should choose lightweight clothing suitable for the conditions prevailing on the boat (heat, humidity, air, etc.).

Plan your itinerary. Get informed about the possible destinations you have the ability to reach and visit places of interest in each area (beaches, sights, restaurants) in order to make the most out of your sailing vacation.

An to the point organization is the key element on a boat trip. The segment of work according to the skills of each one member, will ensure the proper cooperation on board. It is very important no misunderstandings or confusion exist with people you will share the same space for several days.

Sailing holidays are definitely about relaxation and fun with an adventurous touch, but even in this case, there are dangers that should not be neglected. Prepare yourself properly and avoid unpleasant "surprises".

Before your department, make sure you take with you all the essentials you might need onboard, such as important medicines, first-aid kit, batteries, flashlight. Do not neglect also to check the safety equipment and especially life jackets. Make sure they fit in size to all passengers, especially children.

Make sure you are well informed about the weather conditions that will prevail on your days of travel. Updating your information before and during the trip is very important for your safety. If you notice a gradual change of weather conditions, we would advise getting professional advice immediately!

Proper clothing is also an important factor during sailing vacations. Your outfit should be weather-friendly, comfortable and practical. It should protect you from the air and the sea but also give you the ease of movement.

A strictly bad idea, though sometimes sounds tempting, is the consumption of alcohol on a moving sailing vessel. Reckless behavior could jeopardize your safety and ruin your vacation.

The daily sailing time depends on the charter party agreement you have made. An important role also plays the desired route. However, the sailing period cannot exceed a maximum of 4 to 5 hours.

The duration of the trips varies depending on the destination of the trip. Short trips in easily approachable destinations, like Argosaronikos, usually last less than the trips to the Aegean and Ionian Islands. The average duration of the trip is usually one week. In any case please contact us and we will try to assist you in the best possible way.

The boat facilities are usually equipped with the necessary items, such as bed linen, facial and body towels, without extra charge. However, beach towels, for example, are not included in the initial booking price and are considered as a billable extra. For this reason, it is important to be informed about what is included in the boat facilities, in order to avoid extra charges. The same applies to toiletries.

In case you are on the boat, you can use as many devices as possible to connect with the 12V lighter. Motor yachts and big catamaran yachts have generators that can supply energy while sailing. However, it is preferable to charge your devices when you are on a marina using the shore power connections in order to reduce fuel consumption and save energy.

Smoking is not allowed in any inside area of the boat for fire safety reasons. However, you are allowed to smoke on the deck, but always consider asking the skipper's permission before you light up.