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Cata Lagoon 42

Cata Lagoon 42
Sailing Yacht € 280.00

A sailing boat with a strong presence and special design character. A catamaran with an elegant design, stunning rooms, and beautiful details. Couldn’t be a sailing trip to the Aegean with a comfortable and powerful catamaran a dreamy vacation scenario? Definitely! This spacious sailing boat with the comfortable lounge areas is unique of its kind. It is ideal for those who look for a sailing boat that can accommodate more people and provide them comfort. The glass-covered areas of the boat offer you coverage without reducing your travel experience, protecting you from air and water, while you still enjoy unlimited views. The large stairs of the deck make it easy for you to experience the ultimate summer adventure by swimming next to the boat and at the same time having easy access to the deck.

Lagoon 42 is a sailing boat that is comfortable during the trip and easy to navigate. It is modern and equipped with all the necessary navigation systems. With great performance, the catamaran is one of the best options for those looking for a dynamic sailing boat.

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Boat Specifications

The Cata Lagoon 42 is a catamaran with elegant style, beautiful angles and beautiful details.

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