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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Butterfly Agency recognizes the significance of ensuring the protection and privileges of Users utilizing its site and administration. The Web is possibly an integral asset for the dissemination of individual information; Butterfly Agency is truly dedicated to following the guidelines on close to home information assurance and security so as to ensure the Users’ protected, controlled and secret net surfing. This Privacy Statement might be altered later on to guarantee progress consistency with all applicable regulations in case of their change or update. Users are invited to peruse cautiously the rules applied by the organization to gather and personal data and to keep on providing an appropriate service. This privacy policy is intended to provide you with information about the way we handle your personal data when you visit our website. Further information about what data concerning you we process and why if you contact us “off-line” can also be found on this website. In the following, you will find general information in respect of our data protection and the information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your rights in relation to your data are set out at the end of this privacy policy. These apply to all data processing specified in this policy, irrespective of whether or not this in on the website. This Privacy Statement, which is in accordance with personal data protection rules, describes the techniques applied by the company to manage and process the personal data of:

  • Users who consult and use the website, and
  • Users who use the service.

Pursuant to the applicable law, Users are hereby informed that their personal data is stored and processed by Butterfly Agency according to the methods and for the purposes listed below, in accordance with the methods and purposes allowed by the relevant legislation. Clients’ personal data are gathered from Users, by means of their direct electronic supply through the filling in of the registration form in the website or via telephone: These data include:

  • Users’ name,
  • Users’ surname,
  • Users’ address,
  • Users’ e-mail address,
  • Users’ telephone number etc.,


which are essential for the purposes of choosing and purchasing a boat charter and for the additional purposes accommodated in terms and conditions. Are collected via the computer systems and software procedures used for the operation of the website in the course of their normal operation, in an implicit manner, as a result of the use of Internet communication protocols. The data are not collected to be associated with identified Users; yet, it is to such an extent that, because of its processing and association with data held by third parties, it might lead to the identification of Users. This category of data includes:

  • IP addresses or domain names of computers of Users connecting to the website,
  • The URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the resources requested,
  • The hour of the request,
  • The method used to submit the request to the server,
  • The size of the file received in response, The number code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, mistake, etc.) and Other parameters related to Users’ operating systems and computer environments.


These data are utilized uniquely to acquire anonymous statistical data on the use of the website and to verify its proper operation. The data may be used to establish liability in case of potential computer crimes and wrongdoings damaging the website.

Use of cookies.

Cookies are information, often containing a single, anonymous ID. code, which is sent to the browser by a web server and which is then stored on the hard drive of the User’s computer. Cookies are then reread and recognized by the website that sent them in case of subsequent connections. Butterfly Agency may use cookies to store and sometimes track data supplied by Users in order to provide a more accurate service to the Users themselves. The data obtained via cookies, if any, may be used by Butterfly Agency either directly or via companies that cooperate therewith, in order to ensure more simple, immediate and fast website access and use of the service, as well as Users’ easier navigation of the website and for marketing purposes related to the services provided. All Users’ data that is not collected for direct communications from the Users themselves is used solely for statistical purposes on web traffic and is not associated with single Users. The receipt of cookies used in this website may be interrupted at any time by Users by changing the settings of their browser or may be denied from the beginning of the contractual relationship in the same manner. Users’ personal data will be processed by hand or by using electronic means that are such as to ensure, in relation to the purposes for which such data is communicated and collected, data security and confidentiality, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to such data, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes of their collection. Data will be processed at the legal and operational headquarters of Butterfly Agency and at the server of Butterfly Agency, and at the offices of the parties to which such data may be communicated. Apart from the above specifications on navigation data, Users’ personal data will be used for the following purposes:

  1. for data collection, storage, and processing for the purposes of establishing and managing, in operational and administrative terms, the contractual relationship connected to the supply of the service
  2. to send communications by email, phone or SMS on the contractual relationship, including communications relating to the good progress thereof;
  3. to comply with statutory or regulatory obligations;
  4. for data collection, storage and processing to carry out anonymous and/or aggregate statistical analyses;
  5. to send by email, except where denied by the User, “Butterfly Agency” advertising material on products or services that are similar or related to the services or products offered on the website;
  6. subject to letter 5. above and only upon the User’s prior express consent, to send by e-mail, telephone, mail, SMS or MMS the best travel/leisure deals and deals for other services supplied by “Butterfly Agency” or its commercial partners.


Should the User refuse to supply his personal data, he may not obtain the services required in relation to the purposes set out in points 1. and 2. of Article, in addition, Butterfly Agency may be prevented from supplying the service correctly and from complying with its contractual obligations set out in the terms and conditions. Data processing for the purposes set out in points 1., 2., 3., 4. and 5. of the previous Article does not require the consent of the person concerned. The supply of personal data for the purposes set out in the previous Article is optional. Butterfly Agency will make sure that all personal data supplied thereto is not disclosed and is processed in such a way as to guarantee its security and confidentiality, as well as to prevent unauthorized access thereto. All personal data and information provided by Users may be communicated, for the purposes set out above, to the following categories of parties:

  • the company’s employees and/or collaborators who assist and advise on Administration, Products, Legal Affairs, User Care, Information Systems, as well as those in charge of maintaining the company’s network and hardware/software equipment;
  • charter operators and all other parties to whom data communication is necessary for contract performance.
  • parties whose right to access data is recognized by statutory provisions or by orders issued by the competent authorities;
  • parties that are delegated and/or appointed by the Data Controllers to carry out activities related to service supply.


By sending an express written request by e-mail, the User may also obtain the correction of any incorrect or inaccurate personal data or obtain its cancellation to the extent permitted by law. The data processed by cookies are necessary for the specified purposes of protecting our legitimate interests and those of third parties in accordance with sentence 1 of Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR.