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Sailing Sporades Islands

Sporades Island Hopping

How about a sailing trip to the Sporades? The Sporades Islands are another great choice for cruising and sea tourism in general. An important factor in choosing an island of the Sporades or the whole complex for holidays is the mild winds that blow in the area during the summer months.

The winds rarely exceed the speed of 5 Beaufort, a speed that is ideal for sailing. Simultaneously, the largest islands of the Sporades have well-equipped marinas that can meet the needs of the vessel’s crew. Although Skiathos is not always the first choice for anchorage, this is not the case with Alonissos, which has beautiful bays and amazing landscapes.

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Sporades Sailing Holidays

Another characteristic that makes the Sporades Islands stand out is the nearby distance from Euboea and Volos. A one-day-trip from Volos to the Sporades, sailing to the Pagasitikos Gulf, is a beautiful experience with an easy, comfortable and calm journey. Many travelers choose Thessaloniki as the starting point of their cruise, but the destination always remains the same: Sporades islands!

In the Sporades, you should also consider as normal the possibility to travel along with the companion of a Caretta-Caretta turtle or Monachus-Monachus seal. The area is a natural environment for these 2 unique marine animals.

  • The Sporades are well-known for:

    beautiful beaches, quiet anchorages, green coasts, mild wind speeds.

  • Sporades Main Islands

    Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skyros, Kura Panagia, Gioura, Peristera

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Sporades Islands

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